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Youth Services Division

The Youth Services Division includes four distinct programs: Alternatives to the Court Experience (ACE) Diversion Program, Youth Homeless Prevention Services (HOPE), Parent and Adolescent Support Services (PASS), Strengthening Teens Enriching Parents (STEP) and the Teen Parent Assessment Program (TPAP). Together, these programs comprise a system of services and support for youth who are at-risk of court-involvement, school disengagement, homelessness and repeat teen pregnancy. The Division engages youth, their families, community-based providers, government agencies, and other partners to address challenging behaviors, circumstances and help youth and their families get back on track toward stability and self-sufficiency. 


Every youth is an individual.
I recognize the support and celebrate their unique needs, values, and strengths in order to respectfully and effectively serve them. 

Youth deserves to be part of a family, traditional or non-traditional.
I seek to understand, engage, and support those closest to them.

Youth deserve the opportunity to tell their story without being judged.
I listen to them with an open mind and heart.

Youth are growing and changing and the circumstances that brought them to my attention do not define them.
I strive to empower youth to define and live their own emotionally, educationally and physically healthy lives.

Youth develop more positively when not involved in the juvenile justice system.
I recognize that testing boundaries, rules and laws are a normal part of adolescent development. Furthermore, I have an obligation and commitment to do everything I can to keep youth from becoming justice involved.

Positive childhood experiences have a tremendous impact on youths’ long-term emotional, psychological and physical health.
I work to identify and address past trauma experienced by youth as well as minimize potential future trauma.

Each moment in a youth’s life is vitally important.
A sense of urgency, understanding, and care drives all that I do.