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Permanent Supportive Housing for Individuals and Families (Project Based, Tenant Based, Local Veterans)

What is Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)? 

Provides long-term housing voucher and intensive case management to individuals and families who are chronically homeless and continue to be at imminent risk of becoming homeless. PSH has three sub-programs that provide housing services: 

  • Tenant-Based: Voucher is issued to the tenant and tenant can select a unit anywhere within the District of Columbia 
  • Project-Based: Voucher is attached to unit and not to the tenant 
  • Local Veterans: For chronically homeless individuals with other than honorable/dishonorable discharge from US military who are not eligible for Veteran Health Administration (VHA) services. The program operates like the Tenant-Based PSH Program. 


  1. 1+ years of documented chronic homelessness (1 consecutive year or experienced 4 episodes of homelessness within the last 3 years that accumulate to at least 1+ year) and chronic disabling condition 
  2. Limited income earning potential 
  3. Need for intensive case management 

What is provided? 

  • Long-term rental assistance 
  • Individualized intensive case management 

Who provides case management? 

  • Tenant- and Project-Based PSH: DHS Contracted Case Management Providers 
  • Local Veterans: DHS assigned Social/Case Worker 

What is expected of clients? 

Connecting with their assigned case manager at minimum of 4 times a month and participate in: 

  • Housing navigation & stabilization 
  • Creation and participation in Service Plan 
  • Pay 30% of gross income towards rental payment and utility payments 

Families or Individuals may only be referred to and access PSH through the Coordinated Assessment and Housing Placement (CAHP) system.