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Recertification for Benefits


Once you are approved for SNAP, your case will be “active” for a certain period -of-time. This is called your “certification period.” You will have to recertify periodically to continue receiving SNAP. Certification periods can last for 6, 12, or 24 months depending on your household circumstance. DHS will send a recertification packet to the mailing address on file. To receive SNAP benefits after the expiration date, you must return a completed Combined Application form, complete an interview, provide any documents or information we request, and be determined still eligible. To receive uninterrupted SNAP benefits, you must complete, sign, and return the enclosed Combined Application form 15 days before the last day of your certification period.

  • If your age or health makes it impossible to complete the Combined Application form on your own or to come in for assistance and you are not able to find someone to assist you, please call the DHS Service Center at (202) 727-5355 to make different arrangements
  • You also have the right to receive a Combined Application form upon request and to have it accepted as long as it is signed and contains your legible name and address.
  • If all members of your household are now receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you may recertify for SNAP at the local Social Security Office instead of filing your Combined Application form with us. If you choose to do this, the Social Security Office must receive your Combined Application form by the last day of your certification period.


A mid-certification Report is a request to confirm your current circumstances or to report changes to determine if you are still eligible for SNAP benefits and to adjust ongoing monthly benefits if needed. Failure to complete your Mid-Certification timely, will result in the loss of SNAP benefits. The Mid-Certification is due 6 months into your 12-month certification period unless:

  1. Your assistance unit has a certification period six months or less, or
  2. All adults in your assistance unit are elderly or disabled and have no earned income

When you answer the questions, you must give information for everyone included in your SNAP (Food Stamps) benefits household. This includes parents or spouses who live with you but are not included in your SNAP (Food Stamps) because of their immigration status. This also includes information for sponsors of aliens, even if the sponsor does not live in your home. You can use a separate sheet of paper to explain any of your answers or give more information.

How To Submit Your Recertification or Mid-Certification:

You or your Authorized Representative can submit a Recertification or Mid-Certification in one of the following ways:

  1. Mobile App: Download the District First App to your phone from the Apple or Google Play stores
  2. Online: Visit the DHS website at - and submit this form electronically
  3. Mail: Download a copy OR use the paper copy sent with your recertification packet to:

U.S. Postal Mail - DC Health Link,
Case Record Management Unit,
P.O. Box 91560
Washington, DC 20090

You may also complete and sign the enclosed form and drop it off at one of the three open DHS Service Centers:

  • H Street Service Center at 645 H Street NE
  • Congress Heights Service Center at 4049 South Capitol Street, SW
  • Taylor Street Service Center at 1207 Taylor Street NW
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