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There is a Temporary Local Benefit to households receiving the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for the period January 1, 2024, through September 30, 2024. Learn more


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Documents You May Need to Determine Eligibility

Along with your Combined Application for Benefits, you will be interviewed regarding eligibility for all programs except Medicaid. We recommend you bring along the following documents to your interview.

Proof of: Examples
Income Recent paystubs; statement showing retirement income, disability income, or Workers Compensation; pension statement; etc.
Assets Recent bank and checking account statements, etc. 
DC Residency DC driver’s license, lease, rent receipt, written statement from your landlord, utility or telephone bill, etc. 
Social Security Number Social Security card; tax or payroll documents with your SSN on it; DC driver’s license with your SSN on it; etc.  (Not required for Food Stamp-only applicants.)
Medical Exam Report / Disability Recent medical report (or Form 856) and any supporting materials from your doctor. 
Immigration Information Employment Authorization card, I-94, visa, passport, or other documents from the INS.  
Rent / Mortgage (SNAP Only) Lease, rent receipt, cancelled check, mortgage statement, etc.
Utility Bills
(SNAP Only)
Recent bills for electric, gas, fuel, phone, water, telephone, etc. (if you pay these separately from your rent). 
(TANF Only)
Birth certificate (full copy) for your child(ren) or official records from a school, court, hospital, etc.
"Living With" 
(TANF Only)
Statements from two non-relatives or school records. 

Note:  Also bring your Medicare card or other health insurance card, if you have one.

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