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Department of Human Services Fair Hearing Memorandum

Monday, December 5, 2016
Economic Security Administration
TO: Deputy Administrators
Center Managers/Office Heads
FROM: Ellen M.Wells, Esq.
Deputy Administrator
Program Development, Training and Quality Assurance
DATE: November 8, 20 I 6
SUB.JECT: Hearing Request
The purpose of this memorandum is to remind staff of the procedures to assist customers who wish to request a fair hearing. In addition, attached for immediate use is the current and updated form, Request for a Hearing.

Any customer dissatisfied with an action (or inaction taken) by ESA may request a hearing. Customers may request a hearing in any way that is convenient for them. The grievance or complaint may be expressed in writing, via fax (202) 698-6404 or email ([email protected]). The customer may also communicate it orally in person at an ESA office, or by telephone to Customer Service (202) 727-5355 or (202) 698-4147. The Office of Administrative Hearing (OAII) accepts ESA related hearing requests from citizens who file using the online form or received by telephone on (202) 442-9094.
Customers, whether applicants or recipients, may file a request at any time using the attached form or in any other method that communicates to ESA a request for a fair hearing. The ESA form is not required to request a fair hearing. However, when used, this form gathers all essential information to initiate the hearing. Please destroy all previous versions of this form. As a reminder the procedures are outlined below. We ask that you review the procedures with your staff.