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Proving Residency

Certified Provider:

A community organization that has been certified by the DC Department of Human Services (DHS) to document homeless status of individuals for the purpose of helping the individual obtain a driver license (for a fee) or identification card (for no fee).

Residents Experiencing Homelessness:

A District of Columbia resident lacking a fixed, regular nighttime residence, or someone who has a primary nighttime residence that is in a shelter, transitional housing facility, or places not meant for human habitation.

“Social Service Proof of Residency Form”: 

A written record certifying an individual as a homeless resident of the District and authorizing the DMV to use the provider’s address or contact address as the individual’s address of record on the credential. Additionally, District residents who are homeless are eligible for a free Department of Motor Vehicles Non-Driver Identification Card. The Social Service Proof of Residency Form serves as the voucher for obtaining a No Fee Identification Card.

Contact Address:

A contact address is the address of a family member or friend who agrees to accept mail addressed to the homeless resident, but who does not have the ability to allow the resident to live with them. Residents have the option to list a contact address that will be used as the DMV address of record in lieu of the provider address. When a contact address is provided (along with appropriate documentation), this will be the address listed on the identification card or driver license, and it will be the address to which DMV mails the new credential.